There are many different methods to obedience train a dog, the most successful dog trainers are those that use a combination of positive and negative reinforcement, communicating to the dog where his advantage lies.

Chicago dog trainers Doberman dog Cowboy at a IL ParkGolden retriever dog, trained by Chicago dog trainer, Patricia

Quality dog obedience training is much more important than quantity, dog training done correctly only needs 15 minutes per day homework to advance your dog.

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Obedient dogs are made not born

training 3 dogs in Chicago park I find that once you establish your self as pack leader everything else falls into place, I’ve been training dogs for 25 years now, and it still amazes me sometimes at how well that one thing works. One of the best ways to establish yourself as pack leader, is dog obedience done the right way, when dog obedience is done the right way, training your dog is easy, If you’re training your dog the wrong way, it won’t work and can actually cause more problems.

I take pride in my work and my name, most dogs need professional training, only 5% of dogs are naturally obedient, the rest do a lot better with training.

Chicago dog trainer Patricias dog Cowboy jumping over hurdles My philosophy as a dog trainer: A no-nonsense, fast, easy, and fun way to train your dog, when it’s made crystal clear on how to communicate with your dog, training becomes easy. Training done the right way, your dog will respect and love you.

I keep an open mind when it comes to dog training methods. I use combined dog training method. When evaluating the dog, I can see what balance of methods the dog responds to. If I found a better method than combined I would use it, but so far I have not.

Patricia Esposito

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