“Offering Premium Dog Training at affordable prices”

GUARANTEED package mean you can return as many times as you like for private dog training lessons at no extra charge.

Pricing is as follows:

5 Private Lessons (zeros in on basics) $380.00
8 Private Lessons $520.00
10 Day Board and Train $1,020.00
Boarding and Training
Pre-Trained Dog
Boarding and Training “Guaranteed” Training Package $1,150.00
Board Your Dog $42.00 (per day)
Day Care
5 - 9 Hours Per Day
Holiday Boarding Span of Days $5.00 (extra)
If you want your dog walked, there is an extra charge, when the dog walker is available.$6.00 for a 20-minute walk
$8.00 for a 30-minute walk

On Guaranteed Training Packages, I want the clients to know they still have to follow up with the lessons that are included in the package to be successful.

All training covers working on obnoxious behavior, behavioral problems, potty training, and aggression problems.

If a dog training method is working you will know within a few minutes of applying that training method. We want the dog to have a positive experience when they display the behavior we agree with. If a dog training method is not working I highly suggest trying another training method.

Labrador retriever mix, trained by Chicago IL dog trainer Australian cattle dog, trained by IL dog trainer

I also offer advanced dog training, and training for obedience titles.

Chicago dog trainer Patricia’s dog obedience trophy wall for her Doberman Cowboy

Chicago dog trainer Patricia’s dog obedience trophy wall for her Rottweiler Lindsey