Patricia's Star student Angel dog. Glenda Perez, Chicago, IL
My dog’s name is Angel and he is a bichon-poodle mix. He was becoming increasingly aggressive and uncontrollable, specially when he saw a stranger or another dog. We did not know what to do with him anymore. A trainer referred us to Patricia Esposito for individual training because he was too much to handle. On the first visit to Pat, Angel turned very aggressive and even tried to bite her. Almost immediately Pat was able to control his anger and got him to respect her. I was pleasantly shocked and signed on for the individual training. Throughout the training and as time went by, he became more docile and friendly. He even wiggle his tail at Pat and went to her for attention. He was able to obey commands and stay still and calmed in the presence of other dogs. Now, after the training, we continue to practice the commands and instructions from Pat and Angel has become friendlier and happier. We are able to have friends and family over and he loves to be around our most common visitors, being pet and loved. He even stopped barking at the neighbors. He is a completely different dog thanks to Pat and her behavior modification methods. Thank you so much Pat!

Sue H., Chicago area
I don’t know what we would have done if Pat Esposito had not come into our lives. We adopted a cute little Shepherd-mix from a shelter over a year ago. She’s adorable, but if you look up “challenge” in the dictionary, you would see her picture. She broke out of her wire crate (and not through the door!), ate every piece of plastic she could get her mouth on, and loved electronics. We went through a TV remote control, 3 cell phones and several pens, coasters and hair brushes and combs—not to mention newly planted trees and shrubs.

She played mind games with us to get her way, would not come inside from the yard for the life of her, and challenged me as I came to bed every night when she was laying on my pillow. And, the house-breaking was becoming an issue if we didn’t give her as much attention as she would like. Mind you, we’ve had several dogs before her, and thought we knew all the right training methods and safe guards when it came to responsible dog ownership, but not until we hooked up with Frisco did we realize that we needed some serious help. We took her to the local pet store for their training class. That would have been great, as we have had success with that in the past—but no, not cute little Frisco.

She got kicked out of her first class. Little did we realize that we had to add “dog aggressive” to the list of little annoyances. She made a German Shepherd twice her size back away from her in a whimper. That was when the dog trainer there recommended a Saint named Pat Esposito. We brought our sweet little Frisco in to meet her, and by gosh, Pat thought she had promise. I won’t give away all of her secrets, but I will say, that if you listen to Pat (every dog requires different forms of training—depending on desired results and the dog’s motivations), you will have a dog that you can live with and even enjoy. It only took us 4 sessions with her (and we were both there involved in every step), and a lot of at-home practice in between, and our lives have changed drastically. Is she perfect? Is any dog? But, when the gate is open and she goes through it, and we call “Frisco, come”—and she does it—well, enough said.

One of Patricia's many loved boarding dogs, Little Jackson. Ron and Tracy – Oswego, IL.
Pat has been taking care of our dog, Jackson, for boarding, for about five years now. She treats him like her own pet. Jackson actually get excited at just the mention of her name. We feel she’s the best and we drive 40 miles, one way, just to use her service.

Marcy A. Luna, Chicago
I personally recommend Forest Dog Training for several reasons, and the one most important reason I recommend it is because Patricia Esposito saved my dogs life. In April of 2002 I purchased a Doberman Pincher. At the age of around six months my family and I noticed some behavioral problems, we sought a dog trainer from the telephone book. The trainer had spent three sessions with our Doberman—Accardo—at the end of the three sessions, he told us that there was absolutely no hope for improvement, In this trainers’ explanation, he noted that my dog was vicious, and a danger to other people, he recommended for our safety as well as the safety of others that he be put down, we juggled our options.

At this point my family and I were completely devastated and could not understand how a puppy could be so harmful. We tried training him ourselves, that just made him more confused, he was starting to get more out of hand, we needed help fast, a neighbor recommended Pat. The following week I called and scheduled an appointment. I brought my so-called vicious dog to Pat and all she saw was nothing other than a dog in desperate need of training. She knew that Dobermans do have certain instincts; she knew she could work around those instincts to make our family pet more obedient for our sake and for the happiness of Accardo.

After that evaluation, and seeing how much Pat was willing to help us when no one else would, Accordo was signed up for private boarding lessons, he went in as a wild teenager and he came home a soldier. Pat had seemed to work a miracle within days! She worked so well with him, that when we came to pick him up, he had a tough time saying goodbye to Pat; she worked with Accordo according to his individual needs and that’s why Pat gets positive results, our family and Accardo are forever grateful to Pat. She made our lives easier and most important she saved Accordo’s!